Hello? Are you there?

Hey? Everyone? haha..xDD Well, hello! How are you all doing? Me, I'm doing fine as always!

You know, as what I had observed here on the Internet, it's getting quiet. Like for example, here in the blog-o-sphere, when I was bloghopping, only few of the blogs are recently updated. And on Facebook? Fewer are online. Plurk? Fewer are Plurking.

By the way, about Facebook. I forgot to tell you, last June 10, 2010, I had a record of 63 online people on my FB chat! I was so happy, that I broke the news on my status! LOL! :D It's the first time that my FB chat had reached above 60 online! I was thinking that many people logged in to Facebook because they're getting the most of it before school starts!

Well, today's Monday, and it's a holiday, that's why there are no classes. And tomorrow, for us, will have no classes too, because as what I had said, it would be Cagayan de Oro City's Charter Day. I am really, really excited for Wednesday, If you are frequently reading my blog, then you'll know how I really am excited for school. I even posted a countdown, like this:

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Another thing I'd want to share to you! My 100-peso load, which was loaded last April 28, 2010, had just expired now, even though it hasn't ran out yet! I'm so happy to know that my 100-peso load lasted long! Maybe because I was subscribed to Globe's IMMORTAL TXT, and that I didn't text much. I'm not really a texting addict like most teens are. I had been texting since 3 years ago, when I was in Grade 6, when my parents gave me a cellphone as a birthday gift. It was a Nokia 1110i. It's a cool phone, good for those who are fond of texting, for those who'd want a very simple and user-friendly phone. I really loved the phone, because it was the first phone I ever had, and I first learned how to text with that phone. It had been with me until last March 21, the day my parents bought a new phone for my being a top first honor. My old phone wasn't exactly destroyed, it was now used by my younger brother.

Back to my topic about my load, just now, I was loaded 50 pesos. I hope that this load would also last long! :) I'll save it really, really carefully!

I would like to greet again an advance Happy Father's Day to my Papa, and to all other fathers out there! I figured out that I would frequently greet a Happy Father's day so that I would not forget. It's a very special day for fathers, and I don't want to miss greeting my father on that day. It is the time to honor our fathers for all that they had done. They had worked for money for the needs of the family, they had a lot of sacrifices just to give us some good care and support. They continuously give us some advices, some encouragement, and some other things that we need to live well. I thank my Papa for all those things that he had done. He had made me cry so many times because he had scolded and hurt me so bad for something I did wrong. But I still love him for that despite all the hurt feelings I had felt, because he is just doing those to me because he loves me. Well, he even sacrificed himself to just stay with us here at home, to be with us, even if his assigned place to work is located very, very far from our place, and even if he receives less salary because of it. And, he also lent me his laptop, the laptop I'm using now! I am so happy that he did these great things to us. I love you Papa! :)

Well, that was emotional! :'D

Off topic! I'm finally going to be a Junior High School student! I'm so happy! Yay! I just hope that things would go well on our first days of school! I'm going to look my best, do my best, give my best, and a lot other best things that I could do! :) And oh my gosh! We're going to have a prom this school year! I gotta admit, I'm just so excited for the prom because I get to wear a gown! LOL! :DD And have my hair treated, or have some make-up, well, I don't like the make-up part..haha..xDD It only makes me uglier, I guess, but it's needed..lol.. Now I'm just being immature..haha..

I kept on looking through some gowns at a gown renting store at Limketkai, thinking, someday, I'm going to wear one of you! ^_^

This is going to be my second-to-the-last everyday update for now, since school's almost coming and you all know that we couldn't find some vacant time anymore each day to blog, or do some other stuff on the Internet! It would be lucky if I get to blog on a weekday! haha..xDD But I'll do try my best to blog on a weekend! :)

Well, that's it for today! I was thinking that this is going to be a short post this time, but it turned out that I was wrong..haha.. :DD Thanks for reading! I hope you had gotten this far! :)

Before I go and do some bloghopping, I'm going to share to you this music by Emilia, Big Big World:

Okay, I'll go now and bloghop, bye! :D


  1. happy fathers day in advance! fathers day is still on the 3rd week of june thou. :D

    your an honor student pala?? nice! good luck on your junior high school life! its gonna be a fun but bumpy road ahead. :)

  2. @stella: thanks! yep! i know.. :D

    yes, i am an honor student!^^ yay! thank you so much! :) true! yes it is a fun but bumpy road ahead :D

  3. Goodluck in your junior year sis! :)

  4. I prefer to say God Bless than Good Luck..I just love to hear it! God will always with you Nice..Stay the same!...Thanks for thew comment..Happy Father's Day to your Dad!

  5. @Jhiegzh: thank you so much! :D God bless you too! :) you're welcome, and another thanks for greeting my dad a happy father's day! :)

  6. Happy Father's Day in advance! I'm excited for that day although my dad's in Singapore.

    Good luck to your junior year too! Thanks for the regular drops! :)

  7. @Candice: oh, okay! :D thanks! and you're welcome too! :)

  8. Aba! Ganbatte kudasai! ^_^ Nakew., talaga namang walang kaikli-ikli ang post mo! MUAHAHAH! Siguro makwento kang tao... :PP

  9. i love my dad too and this sucks coz he's not with us. but it's okay. It's God's will naman.

  10. @Sasari: hahah..LOL! :D yep, i think so too! :)

    @Toni: oh, it's good that you love your dad, where is he anyway? :) yep, it's okay.. :D that's true..^^

  11. goodluck and more awards to receive nice! hehe advance happy fathers day may gift kana rin ba sa papa mo? ingat sis!

  12. @rose: thanks! :D hmm..wala pa akong gift sa papa ko.. :( thanks again! ingat din! :)

  13. advanca happy fathers day to all fathers out there..and goodluck sa 1st day of classes mo!

  14. goodluck on school dear. same goes for me. lol.
    and advance happy fathers day too. :)

  15. adv happy father's day sis. Yay! I love that song eversince. =)

  16. @yvette, dyane, and ayah: thanks!! :D


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