Another Award, and School's Coming! O_o

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Who among you had started their classes already? and had not started their classes yet? Me, I'm one of those who's classes had not started yet! Oh man! It's already next Wednesday! Yay! I'm lovin' it! I'm even inspired to make this! haha.. :D

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Well, I have been given an award by sis UMI! Thank you so much sis! It's my 3rd time receiving this award! :)

I'm done giving back this award here, so, yeah! :) Thanks again to Kuya Jheigzh, Ate Jhen, and Ate Umi! I should really start updating my GIFTS page!

Now, back to the topic about school! I'll start working on the labels later, in the evening, so, yeah! I could finally be ready for school! You know, I got everything planned out for the first day of school! I bought a T - Shirt with my nickname on it, Nice, which I'm going to wear! And it's chocolate brown colored! It's also kawaii! I'd also wear my favorite skinny jeans, and do my hair well! I hope I would have some time to take a picture of myself before I'll go to school! I'll promise myself that I would wake up very, very early, and sleep earlier than usual! During my first day of my sophomore year, I have been one of the early birds! haha.. :D I'd want to make that happen again!

As you have noticed, I updated my Link Exchange page, because I decided that I would resume linking my affies there, since as how I observed, many of you fellow bloggers expected that I would link you there, but I linked you up instead on my Blogroll. I also decided to remove the Blogroll widget, but chose not to remove it just yet, because I have to review again whether I had linked all the links there to my Link Exchange page. If I'm done reviewing, maybe I could remove it already. Have you wondered why I added that Blogroll widget? It's because I have seen some blogs with the widget and I wanted to try it on. Turns out it was easier to link blogs there, so, I used the widget for linking blogs for a while. But as time passed, I realized some blogs have this automatic link-er and I have no choice but to use the Link Exchange page, because they could not recognize their link on the Blogroll. Sorry for the inconvenience! Hope you all understand!

I had also updated my music player! It plays automatically once again! If you don't like the music, you can just click the pause button!

You know, I really hope that the Adobe Photoshop installing would push through! I'm really so excited for it! I hope it isn't very expensive and a hassle to install! I want need it, for my dream job! And it's very efficient for editing pictures, right? :)

By the way, about the Investigatory Project, I also have another idea! I could use the Coconut! My mother suggested this! She directed me to this site: . Hmm..I still have to decide on which use of it should I make a project of! Thank you Mama, for giving me an idea for this!

And, you know, I realized I wasn't done yet for my layout! hahaha..xDD It's because I had another idea on how I should make my layout! Good thing I haven't changed this current layout of mine yet! My idea's a secret! ;)

About the domain thing, hmm...I still have second thoughts about it! If I'd ever have a domain, I'll use my inactive-for-now blog! hahaha..xDD And not this, because as what Ate Pearl had said (in the comments of my previous post),

"ang problema lang in having your own domain, pagnasira daw yung server, masisira din yung site mo .. ewan.. mas convenient kasi sa blogspot eh. Trust me, I've been in that stage before. Ang dami nag-sabi sa akin na stick to blogspot nalang kasi mas convenient:D and domains cost too much.. kapag mag-eexpire, irerenew mo na naman.. magbabayad ka na naman.."
This was also my point-of-view about domains! Turned out I was kind'a right! haha.. :DD

Here's what Kuya Julius said:

"Well, getting a new domain takes many steps but they say na mas maganda nga yung may sariling domain. Nung nakikisubdomain naman ako, wala naman pinagkaiba,, so I sticked with my Blogspot! ^_^"
Thanks to all who wished me luck for Adobe Photoshop! I truly appreciate those who gave advices to me about it, and yeah, wished me luck on it! I hope I could get the hang of it!
And by the way, wow! I thank you all to those who dropped by and dropped back on my page, and most importantly, to those who commented on my previous post! Woah! I have 13 comments, and maybe still counting! Thank you so much! :D Another record! :)

Another thing, speaking of records, here's one, last Saturday!

I was visiting a lot of blogs at that time, so, that's the result! The first time the online users reached more than 5! I hope next time, it would reach at 10! haha..xDD Anything is possible!

I should blog hop more often to get this much visitors! Thank you all for visiting, and visiting back my site! Be sure to drop something on my Tagboard so that I could visit you all back, and, for me to reply to your messages, you should also have a tagboard, or a comment box, or other ways of communication!

By the way, I also read Ate Pearl's story blog: ! I love the story! :) Care to check it out? :D

And, I made some of my Blogger friends my Facebook friends already! Kuya Jose, Kuya Julius, Toni, Ate Stella, and Deniece!

Whew! This post is very random! I had just written what I had in mind during the time!

Another thing! Are any of you taking the UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admission Test) ? When will the taking of tests be held? And where? Is it too early for a Junior High School student to take this test? Maybe I'll just take this if I'm going to be a Senior already. I'm not so sure yet if I should push through with my chosen course. It's still a blur! huhuhu.. :'( God, please help me! I want to go to UP and study there! Many successful people (from the Philippines) came from that school! Well, if ever I'm qualified for the UPCAT, I should try my best to be the best among more than 20,000 students! Please wish me luck!

Well, that's it for now! Thanks for reading! :D Hope you could leave some comments! :)

EDIT: By the way, Kuya Julius gave me an award too! Another thanks to him! Sorry if it was late! I completely forgot to grab it!

---Another end of the post! Thanks so much for all your comments! :D


  1. naks may award nanaman..loyalty award na yan sa susunod heheheh :) Goodluck sis kaya mo yan ang talino mo kaya :)

  2. hahaha.. :D thanks so much! :)

  3. @alissa: school's fine for me sis! :) our classes hadn't started yet..haha.. :D how about yours? how's school, and have your classes started already? :)

  4. The UPCAT will be held on August 7 and 8. In order to be qualified to take the exam, you should be a HS senior.

    I also like the music on your blog. I haven't heard of it but it's total ear-candy! And the image you made? I think it's very kawaii! :)

  5. ang dami mo ng award..iba talaga kapag matalino..

  6. Haha! Special Mention pala ako dito.. haha! :)) Anyway, let's talk about the details:

    * Kasama ako dun sa NOT YET STARTED kasi naman, ang tagal tagal tagal pa... T_T June 15 pa kame, eh baka siguro, JANUARY 15 ang ibig nilang sabihin eh WAG NAMAN! :( LOL! :))

    * Photoshop is VERY VERSATILE taking note of different effects it can give, but a bit of advice, kapag nasa Pentium IV ang PC mo, don't use Photoshop CS3 or CS4, tyak sabog PC mo sa sobrang bagal.. pero kung rich ka naman ay Core 2 Duo ang CPU mo, eh gora ka sa CS4.

    * Haha! For me, napakasarap din ng madaming plends sa peysbuk... pero hindi naman lahat ng tao sa FB ay prends mo talaga! :) Kaya take safety precautions! Ano yun, LABORATORY? Haha! Corny. :P

    * Speaking of UPCAT, ndi ako nagtake nyan eh.. first of all, mahirap daw sya, eh ako naman, kaya ko yun, but NA-LATE NAMAN AKO SA PAGPASA! :P

  7. sis. reding ready ka na tlga. hehe :) personalize pa ung damit mo. put a photo of it sis. gusto kong makita cos it sound it looks pretty cute :DD oo sis, tama yang sabi nila. sa domain. kailangan lagi kang nagbaback up para kung nagka problema maibabalik mo pa ung recently updates mo :DD and speaking of that. mag back up. hahaha

  8. @Candice and Arvin: thank you so much! :D

    @Candice: will you take the UPCAT too? :)

    @Sasari: * haha..mas matagal pa sa amin eh, june 16 pa ang start ng klase! :D

    * thank you so much for the advice, but i'm using a laptop! HP 6530s, i think! :)'s Adobe Photoshop with it?

    * yep! you're so right! :) hahaha..i laugh at corny jokes sometimes! LOL! :DD

    * oh, okay! :D

    @Jhen: thank you! :D sure! :) yay! :D and, another thanks for the tip! :) haha.. :D

  9. im glad u got an award again..

    im not xure wen will be upcat i think around august 7 dat wat my classmte told to me..

    i wondering if i'll tke an upcat coz i am planning to study in dlsu if not hir in england..i dont really know..hihi...

  10. @Jackie: thanks! :D oh, okay! :)

  11. weee my names here once again. thank you nice :)

  12. @Toni: yay! :D you're welcome toni! :)


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