That's Life..haha.. :/

Hello everyone! Wondering why that's the title of my post? Read on to know.

Okay, has anyone seen the eclipse tonight? Me, I've seen it, but just on the computer screen, and not the actual one! fhufhu.. :'( It's too bad I haven't looked outside and see it a while ago. I tried to see it now outside but I couldn't see the moon anymore. But it's OK. That's really life! Here's the picture I found on Tumblr:


It's the eclipse of Venus by the moon.'s so beautiful! A one-eyed smiley as some describe it!

This one's a buzz on many social networking sites, like Facebook, Tumblr, Plurk, maybe Twitter, and a lot others! I thank you all for posting these pics! If it weren't for you I wouldn't have seen this majestic sight, even though it's just here in my computer screen. But at least I saw it!

I saw a schedule of some extraordinary sightings from the sky here:

Oh, we're going to see another of this, this coming June 7, and more coming dates!

I revised my footer, since I thought the letterings are too big. Well, which do you like better? The old or the new? (to those who had visited my blog yesterday and the day before that.)

I thank my brain for opening out more good ideas of designs! hahaha.. :D And seriously, thank you God for it!

Well, that's it for now! Short post! I guess I need to sleep earlier tonight so that I could wake up early tomorrow! We're going to shop for school supplies this time. We're still just planning this, I don't really know if our shopping would go on tomorrow! Bye! :D Thanks for reading, and viewing! :)


  1. Yeah I saw it, but sh*t I haven't taken a pic! Hhuhuhu! SOrry! Peace!....Felt sad about it!

  2. A lot of my friends were txting about the night sky! BUt definitely, I was inf the office, busy having my duty!

  3. @Jhiegzh: waaa.. :( i felt bad about not seeing it outside too! hmf..ok lng yan.. :D

  4. I saw the moon a while ago. And, my friend and I were the only one who noticed that a while ago. Hehe. Some people here are too slow.

    Dropped by, BTW.

  5. I saw it din! :) waaaah ang saya :) kitang kita dati smiley eh nakakagana :) after ko magmass ko un nkta :p nakkarefresh

  6. wow! that's good, to those who saw the majestic moon! hehe.. :D

  7. di ko iyan nakita..dito ko lang nakita ang pangyayari na iyan..

  8. sayang..i know its beautiful but i haven't seen it. tsk! sa balita ko lang nalaman na may ganyan pla. LOlx

  9. awww, di ko nakita. halos lagi na nga ako umaga matulog para makita yung moon. our roof is always blocking the view.


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