Philippine Elections 2010, and my blabs about the day!

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Me, I'm doing fine. It was a gloomy day here in our place. It just kept on raining. I was happy about this...hahaha..just because it's been long that rain hadn't dropped by our place.

Today is our country's first automated local and national elections. I'm so excited for the results! It was a thrilling fight between Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III, Joseph "Erap" Estrada, and Manuel "Manny" Villar Jr. I already found current updates about the elections here:, Noynoy Aquino is currently leading. My bet would be Manny Villar. Unfortunately, my bet is way far behind the lead..*sigh* but oh well, it's OK..haha..I'm not qualified for voting yet, so, all I could do is have a bet on which president (or other officials) to elect, and hope for a fair, honest, clean, and successful election. My father already voted very early this morning.

I spent my day surfing the net, and I had found some blogs that have the logo of the 2010 Teen Blog Awards. I wanted to join the blog awards so badly just for fun, and just for the cute, cool logo, so I submitted my blog. I had a hard time of "successfully" submitting it! Moments later, I had finally submitted it successfully, then I got the email giving me the entry code. I did what the instructions had told me, to enter the given entry code and my blog URL, but what had came out is this statement: "Oops! You entered the wrong code and url. Please try again." How could this happen?! I copy pasted the correct code and typed in my correct blog URL! Why won't my entry code work? Why is it that some people get to be lucky that they had their digital sticker?! I posted this problem on Teentalk, but no one yet answered. What should I do about it? I've been figuring this out for hours, submitting my blog again and again, check my email, then do those again! It got me very frustrated.

EDIT: And oh, have you noticed that on the Candymag blog awards page, the title is " | Teen Blog Awards 2008"? Where in fact it's supposed to be 2010? Maybe this site is still experiencing some glitches.

But hey, I'm trying to look on the bright side, that I have a cool button already from Candymag, and also from Yabang Pinoy, and they look so, eye candy! They are just located on the sidebar, just scroll down! :)

I also posted some stuff on Tumblr. Here they are:

The third one is our yard.. :) Sadly, I didn't receive any reblogs and likes..boohoo! But it's OK, it's still my first time to post such --posts..haha.. :)) This won't stop me from doing these! :D I'll try to make some colorful typos next time.

On Facebook, many had liked and commented on what I had made for my mother! This made me happy and motivated to make some more of those! I just had to think of a great theme for making another!

Then, the rest of the day, I checked again my email, and tried to resubmit my blog, but what they said is that "that blog has already been submitted", or something like that. On Teentalk, some also said in reply that they had experienced the "not working entry code". Oh, I really wanted to join the blog awards so badly to try pushing my luck, and have fun!

Being excited for school update: "Yep!! Still excited for school! Can't wait! I miss you classmates, schoolmates, and teachers! Even though school makes me tired, I'm still loving it!"

Well, that's it for now! Bye! :D Thanks for reading! :)


  1. I hope you'd be able to get in the blog awards! I wanted to join as well. I just don't know if I'm good enough. Hihi.

  2. Even you always have long post, but I really love to read those stuffs specially pinaghirapan mong pag-isipan para maisulat..Two thumbs up Nice..Keep it up! Sana mkaregister ka sa blog awards :)..

  3. I hope u can join sis nice..btw love na love ko un about kay God hehehe :) tccic

  4. cool! hope you win in that blog awards thing-y. haha. i want to submit one too! :)) when is the deadline??

    anyway, about elections, seriously, im for Gibo. but oh well, Noynoy cant be that bad too. lets just see for the upcoming 6 years.

  5. thanks! :)

    @ceedee: thank you! :D i don't really know when is the deadline, i'll just ask..or research.. :)

    yeah, we'll just see what noynoy could do for our country.. :D

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