My Sister's Birthday, and Family Outing!

Hello everyone! How are you all? Me, I'm doing great! You know, I'm starting to like summer more and more! One of the reasons is that we had this outing for my sister's 10th birthday which was yesterday! Oh boy! This is going to be a photo-spammed entry!

Okay, I woke up a bit earlier than usual at that time, because of excitement! We greeted our sister a happy birthday! I also greeted my bestfriend, because they actually have the same birthday. We had Jollibee foods for breakfast! Nomnomnom, my favorite fastfoods of all time! haha.. :)) After that, we immediately got ready for our outing at Coconut Bay Resort! Then, thereafter, we went to the resort, and we went swimming as soon as we got there! We took some great pictures, along with the family!

The Family... :D

Me :)
...with my baby brother... :)
...with my brothers and sister..
...and with my birthday sister.. :D

We took a whole lot of pictures! After that, we had our lunch, still at Cocobay, and you know what? I really love their food! They're so delicious! We ordered a lot of them! Here's the picture, when we're finished eating them!

After eating, we took more pictures!

My mother and baby brother with the bird! :D

I just love posing childishly! haha.. :)) baby brother immitating the wings of the bird..oh, by the way, is that bird called a duck? Just to be sure.. :)

Wee! The aquarium! :D (don't mind the body there, it's my mother taking the picture - in case you would think it's something..haha..) ;)

Me and my baby brother! :)

and last, but not the least, the solo picture of my beloved birthday sister! :D

Whew! When my parents said that we should go home already, I felt like I didn't want to go home yet, along with my sister and brothers! We really had a lot of fun!

We took a shower when we got home, washed our swimsuits and clothes, then we went back to our normal ways, using the computer and did some stuff.

I quickly uploaded the pictures on my laptop, then to my mother's Facebook account!

I also watched a movie on YouTube entitled The Hot Chick! The movie was funny! I love it! haha.. :))

Today, one happening that got my attention is that when I was Plurking, I responded a Justin Bieber song plurk by my former schoolmate. Then we talked about JB's songs, and she asked if I had heard of his song, Overboard. Then I said that no and I would hear it later. I listened to it on YouTube. It turned out that I love the song, especially that it kind'a related from the swimming we had yesterday...haha.. :DD did you think it was something else? LOL :)

You know, the whole day of yesterday, I haven't took a glance at our puppies. I missed them a bit.

Well, that would be it! Bye! But before I go, please click these banners and sign up for their site!


  1. Nice one! I love pools...I missed bathing in pools! You remind me on something in the past..hahaha

  2. oh. cool! anyway, belated happy birthday to yer sister :))

  3. Oh, that's fun for sure. Any, Overboard is nice, because it's a Bieber song. HAHA. Belated happy birthday to your sister. :)


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