Mother's Day, Upcoming Philippine Elections, and another tag! :)

Hello everyone! Long time no post! So, how are you all doing today? Me, I'm doing fine! Today is Mother's Day, and tomorrow is the Philippine Elections, the first automated election ever held in our country!

But before I proceed to talk about these, I would do the tag sis Dyane had gave me! :) Sorry that I did it late! :D Thanks so much for the tag!


you have to have 2 answer each question. be honest!


things that scares you:

1. Creepy Crawlies
2. Being sick..(could not think of anything else anymore.. :D)

things you can't live without

1. Food
2. Clothing

things that you hate about yourself:

1. I get angry easily at times.
2. My hairy legs! hahaha.. :))

2 things that you love about yourself:

1. I'm smart in class.
2. I'm not too emotional.

on people-- guys - if yer a girl / girls - if yer a guy. kay?

things you first notice on a guy/girl:

1. Hair
2. Height

guys/girls you fancied on marrying (NOTE: yung possible lang ah. di yung leveling. lol.):

1. i haven't fancied on any guy on marrying..hahaha.. :P so, i could not answer this question.. :/

two person you would want to be stuck in a desserted island.

1. Any of my family members.
2. Any of my close friends.

two person you want to see in person:

1. Bill Gates -- to ask him secrets on how he became one of the richest people in the world!
2. God, if He is a person.. :D

moments/happenings/memories. embarrassing moments:

1. Nah..I couldn't recall any embarrassing moments of mine.. ;)

dream date:

1. Strolling around the beach with palm trees and coconut trees around us.. :)
2. Be in a quiet restaurant, eating with pleasure, and talk about stuff.

places you'd rather be right now:

1. At home.
2. In school! I missed it so much already! And speaking about that, we're going there tomorrow, to just have a short visit.. :D

So, lets proceed to Mother's Day! I have made this image for her to see! This is what I have been doing all along this day! I have been very, very busy downloading, resizing, and all! Then, finally! I had finished this!

Click the image for a bigger view!

I had also gave her a message here: I submitted it on Triond and published it on this site. Triond by the way publishes user generated content on a network of websites, enabling users to reach a wider audience, gain more recognition and earn more revenue. I have been publishing here a few days ago. I also published a blog entry about the Philippine Elections here:
Hope you could read these!

Tomorrow is the first automated elections of our country! Lets hope for a peaceful, successful, clean, and honest election! Be sure to vote wisely! Remember, we're not voting for class president! hahahah..LOL :D

More of what I can say actually for this post are here and here. So, care to read them? :)

Well, that's it for now! It's getting late already! Bye! :D


  1. Nice design for your mother..I was amazed!

  2. your welcome dear. :)

    and very pretty card or whatever that is! haha. i wish i did something special for my mom too, but i am currently broke. so yeah. haha.

  3. belated HAPPY MOTHER'S day too, to your mom, sis.. :) thanks for the comment btw. :)


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