Happy Birthday, my dear baby brother! :D

Yep! It's my baby brother's birthday today! He just turned 3! :) Happy birthday, baby Prudence! :D

About the cake, there's only "From Mama and Papa" because if we put mine and my siblings' names too, it wouldn't fit anymore on the cake. The cake by the way is Goldilocks's Choco Sansrival! It's so yummy, when cold! :)

So, Imma tell you about what we did today for his birthday, and some other things that's not related to his birthday!

We went to Coconut Bay Resort to celebrate Prudence's birthday! We had fun swimming, and guess what? I can swim! I can finally swim! I'm so happy! But I hadn't mastered it yet though, I had just learned how to float and move forward! But, then again, who cares? I can finally swim! Yay!

It feels so good knowing that you already know how to swim with these water currents ;)

Photo from http://torijean.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2009-11-04T16:16:00-05:00 , http://weheartit.com/entry/2317627
Here's the food we ate! ^^

Mouthwatering, eh? :D Yumm!

Here is the picture of our birthday boy! :)

Isn't he cute? ^_^

When we got home, all of us got into our own ways. My brother playing basketball with neighbors, my papa watching them play basketball, my mama watched along with papa, me using the Internet, my sister watching TV, and my baby brother sleeping! :)

While I was using the Internet, I fixed my new blog, http://oh-em-gee-nice.blogspot.com, and this blog as well! I relocated this blog's navigations below the header, and I fixed the navigations on my new blog! I really love the layout I had put there in my new blog, and then again, I plan to change this blog's layout! Maybe I would change it on the first anniversary of my blog. I plan to change this blog's layout to my new blog's layout, then I would just change the layout of my new blog. Do you agree on my plan? I would like to make this blog simple and neat, just like my new blog.

I was so relieved, by the way, that I still know how to do those navigations! It was just simple after all! You know, when I am trying to make those, I was almost giving up. I asked ate Pearl this and that, then she directed me to a tutorial link (that doesn't work anymore today), but still didn't understand. I asked her again, then she said it's just a matter of experimentation. Yeah, I experimented some stuff. It took me very, very long. Days passed and I still didn't get it. But one day, when I was about to give up, my navigations finally worked! I finally made a working navigation! I thank you so much, ate Pearl, and for my not giving up too easily with making those! :D But I would mostly thank God for giving me strength to cope up with this! Without Him, I wouldn't had made these navigations which many ask how to do!

To tell you guys, I really was very, very happy when I had achieved this! hahaha..xDD You might think that this is just a little thing but it means a lot to me! Without those navigations, there would never be fast-loading pages, and these navigations really do help a lot! :)

You want me to post a tutorial on this? Okay! I will write it on a separate post, maybe, uh, tomorrow, if I don't have other things in mind to blog about! :)

To all who thanked me for the award I had given, you're all very welcome, you deserve it! And to those whom I had not given the award to, it's OK, there's always a next time! I chose those people with one criteria, and you just had to figure it out! :D

This post is getting very, very long because of the pictures! It is a photo-spammed entry, ain't it? :D

Well, that's it for now! Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed reading my post! :)

...wait!! Here are some questions!
  1. What can you say about my baby brother's birthday celebration? :)
  2. Do you know how to swim? When did you learn how to swim?
  3. What do you think of my new blog?
  4. What do you think of my plan of changing this blog's layout?
  5. You want me to post a tutorial about how I made the navigations?
--- You have reached the end of post. ^^

EDIT: Today is the last day of May! Yay! Tomorrow is going to be June, and you know what that means? Yeah, it's another new month, and, it's almost school! I never ever wish to extend this summer! LOL! I'm very excited for school! I miss those faces I use to see there! :">

Yeah, I just edited this post with a random thought in mind! :D

--- You have reached another end of the post! ^^


  1. You are brother's face is copy cat with your face too! I can see your face similarities.!

    I know to swim, if I will rate from 1-19 it will be 4..hahahaha!

    Can't say an adjective about your new blog!! Let me ask you, what push to have a new blog? ^^

    WHy you need to change the layout anyways? I just love this simplicity!


  2. All I can say with your celebration is NAPAKABONGGA! HAHAHA! Taray talaga! As in may cake pa! (Kasi ndi ko pa naeexperience yan...T_T) Hahah! :P

    Swimming? Nah. And Never wanted to learn... Kung lalagyan natin ng aptitude test ang swimming, tyak failed ako dyan! :))

    Actually, I liked your new blog. I have mine too.. just try to find it. I had made some twist with it. :P

    Change layout? Why not! For a change ika nga! :P

    The tutorials... I WANTED THAT BADLY!!! T_T

  3. @Jhiegzh: woah..hihi..^^

    ahh..LOL.. :D

    i made a new blog because i just felt like it! :D haha.. :)) that blog is supposed to be for my layout drafting.. :D

    ohh..i just thought this layout is old already, and i wanted a change.. :) i'll just make this blog as simple as it can be.. :D

    yay! :)

    @Sasari: wow! hahaha.. :))

    ooh..okay.. :D

    thanks! i'll see your other blog later.. :D

    yay! :)

    ooh..okay.. :D i'll post one later, i think.. :)

  4. aw. your baby brother is so cute! belated happy birthday to him :)
    and i like his name. lol. :)

  5. @ceedee: aww..he really is.. :D thanks for greeting him a happy birthday! :) hmm..glad you like his name! :D haha.. :))

  6. Belated Happy Birthday to ur brotherrr. I agree with Jhiegzh, pareho jud ug face :)

    * Do you know how to swim? When did you learn how to swim?

    I dont know how to swim too and my friends/classmates would just laugh at me because they said TRYING HARD ako masyado. XD

  7. @Toni: thanks for greeting my baby brother a happy birthday! :) aww..yeah.. :D

    ooh..don't mind them! :) do they know how to swim? haha..you may just learn how to swim soon.. :D

  8. Congrats, you can now swim! :D
    and oh, the cake looks yummy.. haha!

  9. @Paola: thanks! :D haha...yeah, it really is yummy! :) but yummier when cold.. :D have you tried it? :)

  10. nice! hahah :) belated happy birthday sa little bro mo cute cute :) mabait naman xa sau?

    yes runong me magswim hehe specialty ko float para di malunod! hehe

    simple but nice ;)

    tc sis :)


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