Saturday, April 17, 2010

The nth day of Summer... :))

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Me, I'm doing fine. You're asking about the title? I made that the title of my post simply because I couldn't really think of a good title for the post, since most of my posts now this summer are just so random that maybe we couldn't find one specific topic in it...haha.. :)) It's just generally about random stuffs I had discovered, done, and enjoyed about this summer! :D

Have you noticed I had been out for 2 days? It's because while surfing the net, I'm trying to find inspirations for making a new layout for my blog, and until now, I hadn't found a great inspiration yet. I'm still trying to observe some blogs' layouts, and will think of a great layout that would please my eyes and yours. I actually changed my layout a while ago, and then changed it back again to this layout since I thought it would not really please everyone because of the tiny polka-dotted background that could bother our eyes, and since computer resolutions vary, that layout wouldn't appear as is for some computers. I'll just think of a great background and color combination for the layout!

Okay, what happened these last few days?

Last Thursday, we prepared our house for our coming guests, which are my high school teacher and coach of the basketball team, and my schoolmates which are basketball varsity players. I really cleaned our room and house well, in case they would get inside, we needed to tidy up our house a bit! They actually went to our house to solicit some money from my father, and they also played basketball. Want to see some pictures? Here they are:

My comments for the pictures :)

1st Pic: There they are! My teacher/basketball coach and some schoolmates of mine who are basketball varsity players.Tired from the game huh.. :D

2nd Pic: Dribble, dribble like *boink, boink, boink*...haha.. xDD actually, it did not bounce, right?..LOL

3rd Pic: Trying to grab the ball from the opponent who's going to shoot the ball! The guy there who's actually my brother looked like flying and making the sign of peace on the left hand...haha.. :))

4th Pic: Will it shoot? Will it? Will it? hahaha...

Well, yesterday, nothing much happened actually, or maybe I had just forgotten about it. One thing I could recall about yesterday is that I found out that the Globe Immortal text promo came back already, I just didn't know when. I quickly subscribed to it and I was so happy that I could finally text message to the max like I used to do long time ago. I do not use Unlimited texting because it's only valid for one day unlike Immortal that it would not expire, but of course, it will run out.

I would be playing badminton and basketball just for fun this summer, one thing that would make me taller! Good nutrition and right sleep are also some ways!

I'm going to enjoy this summer vacation after all! Some good exercise is one thing that could spice it up!

I'm so excited for my sister's birthday, because we're going to our nearby resort to celebrate! It's so exciting that I kept on telling my mother about it, just like how excited I am for the hair rebond! I'm going to swim on the swimming pool once again, wear some sleeveless shirts, shorts, get wet, and a lot more! By the way, I'm feeling more confident with my body already..LOL, because long ago, I'm actually not comfortable with wearing sleeveless and shorts around the public. Now, I feel comfortable with these already.

Time really passes by so fast! You know I kept on saying that, right? Less than two months from now, it's going to be a new school year already, and I'm so, so excited for the Junior year! I wanted to buy that wanted bag already..haha.. :))

Well, that's it for now! Bye! :D


  1. sana naman sumali ka sa basketball hehe....^^ time flies fast

  2. Good Luck to you in your new school!

  3. uii! si ano yun ahh hahahaha si EX LOL :) si ondoy! OMAR! :) awesome! Omar's already playing basketball along with his friends. Before, I rarely see him play .. Good that he's playing now :)

  4. wow this is a really long post ah! your playing basketball? that's cool! pero wala sa commercial ang pagbabalik ng immortal ah :D good luck sa iyong hair rebonding!

  5. ohhh, anu ginagawa ng mga coach jan sa inyo hekhek XDD yay sis JUNIOR ka na ako eventually magcollege na OMGOD cant imagine talaga. heyy happi birthday sa sister mo :>


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