Friday, April 23, 2010

Nothing on You.. :D

Hey there everyone! How ya'll doin'? Askin' about the title? It's a title of a song I'm currently listening now on YouTube, click here for the vid!

We had our rotating brownout this morning, but it started late. Instead of 8am, the current went out at 9am, one hour later. I woke up earlier than usual again, just minutes before 8am struck on the clock. You know what? I had breakfast 3 times this morning! haha.. :DD I ate a some kind of "chicken spread" at first. I should have already been done taking breakfast, but then my mother cooked my favorite corned beef, and I just couldn't resist eating it! And another, my father bought some liempo and lechon manok. I just love eating these, and without caring about being full from my previous breakfast, I, along with the other members of the family, ate with my father anyway! I ate lunch 3 hours later, eventhough I'm still feeling full from the breakfasts I ate! I'm suffering from toothaches now because of this!

While checking out my Facebook account, I checked some notifications, but I mostly check out the commenting and all. One notification is a comment on my status about telling those who are eligible to vote to vote wisely for the leaders of our country, since it's almost Halalan 2010. A schoolmate of mine said that our country has no hope anymore for our country development. Do you believe this too? Me, I think the Philippines still has hope, they just had to change their attitude for the better! But on the other hand, I also think that there is no more hope since it's already natural for Filipinos to be like that and all, and I think you know what I mean!

By the way, my ninong (Godparent) is a candidate for the elections too, Kagawad of 2nd District! He's Zoilo Antonio Velez. Please vote for him if you can, those from Cagayan de Oro City, or beyond I think!

...and by the way, as I could recall, he's the ninong that gave me a cool Digicam as a gift from my 13th birthday! Or is it from my other ninong?

A time before this day's afternoon, we saw a kitten in our garage! I had taken a picture of it! Here it is!

I kind'a edited it and gave it a copyright, so no one would give credit to themselves for the picture. From now on, I would give my own other pictures like this. :D

We also went to our neighborhood to see the monkey out there! I also took pictures of it!

I really loved to see the monkey! I'm still a bit ignorant about it at first since it's my first time to see one in person!

I'm planning to leave my layout as it is for a while. The layout is still new anyway, it's been there for almost four (4) months now! :D

I got a feeling that the school year opening is fast approaching already! It's on June 7! But I think maybe it would be postponed, it's just too early...haha..xDD

Short post, eh?

Well, that's it for now! Thanks for reading! Bye! :)


  1. haha. cute ng monkey oh. :)you're a pet lover van?
    but y'know i like more the flowers behind the monkey.haha.
    june 7? hmm, what year will you be then van? :)

  2. @Gee: yeah! i'm a pet lover! :D haha...i like the flowers too!

    i'm going to be 3rd year high school this opening.. :)


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