Monday, April 26, 2010

Just a Fraction of Your Love fills the air...

...and I'll fall in love with you all over again!

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Me, I'm doing fine! Whew! I'm back here being fresh from taking a bath! I had been busy bloghopping a while ago, so yeah, this is the reason for "being out for a while". So, what have I been up to these last few days I haven't blogged about? I'll tell you about it!

You know what? I took this pic yesterday, when I'm waiting for my mother and sister to get ready for shopping! I'm trying to look cute...LOL

Do I look cute or ugly? Well, two people on Facebook liked this photo of mine, and one commented that I looked pretty..haha...I was flattered.. :D I don't know if some people, besides my family, could compliment me like that...hihi..^^

Here's my, somewhat, signature smile...hahaha.. :))

People say I look prettier when I smile with my teeth showing up, so, there! :D

During our shopping, we just actually bought a new pressure cooker and bought some grocery items.

Yesterday, we found this cool site,, and it is where we could see some iCarly episodes online! Oh, I love it! I never have to worry about missing out watching these on TV, since they're all online! Do some of you watch this too? Maybe some would think this show is a bit childish, but who cares? I love iCarly! hahaha.. ;))

Photo from

I watched the episodes iTwins, iThink They Kissed, and iFind Lewbert's Last Love!

I'm also needing money so bad! I'm planning to earn money online, and I found this site: , thanks to one of my friends on Facebook who linked this site to me. I haven't signed up for it just yet, I need to ask permission from my parents. Yay! If they allow, I can earn my own money already here! And I could spend my time here unworthlessly! :) I'm glad I finally had some interest on making money online! Money is scarce nowadays you know!

Thanks by the way to Ella for tagging me in her post! I appreciated it so much! It's my first time to be tagged, from my 10 months in blogging! Thank you so much! Love lots! Mwah! :)

If you have some posts that need tagging, tag me along if you want! :D

Well, that's it for now! Short post, eh? I may edit this soon! Bye! :)


  1. your cute:D i prefer the smile with the teeth showed.

  2. every smile is sparkling ^^ trust me..and that's what makes up a beautiful face ^^


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