If We Ever Meet Again

Oh, why I made that the title of my post? This is a song by Katy Perry feat Timbaland, and I kind'a like this song!
"I'll never be the same, if we ever meet again."
That would somewhat may be true in my case because I would want to transform to a new me to my classmates and schoolmates when I come back for the next school year, but retain my hardworking self in terms of studying hard to top the class once again!

You know some things which I want to change in me? Here they are:
  • My lazy and procrastinating attitude - it's already affecting me and others. My work becomes delayed because of this. I sometimes could not satisfy others because of being lazy to do some things. But I'm not always like this, just at times when I feel like it.
  • My shy and silent self - you know why I would want to change this? It's because I would want to make more friends, and that I should already mingle with others so that I would increase my public relations. With public relations, I could win friends in school, and you know what that means? They would elect me as officer in clubs, and a lot more! *sigh* I don't think I can change my own self in terms of these. I kept on promising to myself that I would be more friendly but it's still the same. But it's OK, that's really who I am! I know this could be a good attitude at times, as what some of you might think, so, I might as well keep this self of mine! I just have to make some adjustments!
  • My "uncontented" self - I, sometimes, won't be contented with what I have, and what I had decided. I always want to change my layout, for example. I want to buy new clothes and shoes, even though I already have a lot of them, well, except for the shoes that I only have four pairs of them! I don't know if that is the right characteristic of this self of mine.
  • Laughing easily at jokes - yeah, I should stop being like this, because I'm like crazy when I am like this, right? I should only laugh at really funny jokes from now on..haha.. :DD
  • and..well, maybe that's it! That's all I could think of for now! :)

Today is Good Friday, for the Christians, Catholics, and many more religions that celebrate this Holy Week. Many people go to church this holy week. Malls and Groceries were closed because of this. Neighborhoods became silent, since people all went to church to hear masses and make confessions for their sins.

This would be my prayer:
Lord God, we praise You, Creator of Heaven and Earth, without You, we are nothing. please forgive us for all the sins that we had committed to You and to others, and help us forgive those who had sinned against us. I thank You God for everything, for all the blessings that You had given to us, for my life, my family, friends, knowledge, wisdom, talents and skills, food, shelter, clothing, what I am now, and many more! Please shower us more blessings, oh God! I confess to you all my sins. Help me refrain from doing wrong! Amen.
Well, that's it for now!

And wait, by the way, thank you so much to those who suggested tips on how I could have Photoshop installed on my computer! I really hope I could try those and have it already!

Oh, and whew! I had just realized right now that Google's problem about our "computer sending automated queries" had already been fixed! I'm just glad it was! Have you guys encountered this too? Google letting us type in the letters that ensure us that we're human?

My final goodbye! :D


  1. God's for the change..just believe in Him! ^_^

  2. Your a shy type person too? We're the same when Im still in elementary Im really uber quiet but It changed when I reached third year high school. :)

    you know sometimes I have that attitude too. I am so envious, I want to have this that, but I can now control it :D

    Goodluck sis on your studies. goodluck on us!

    new post on my blog. hope you can comment.:]


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