Saturday, April 10, 2010

Feeling Good

Hello everyone! How ya'll doin? Me, I'm feeling better now, from what I'm feeling yesterday. To those who read my previous post, sorry that I also made you sad and gloomy, well, sort of. Today, maybe I'm going to bring back the happiness here in my post, just, maybe. :)

Well, I woke up late in the morning, as usual, 10:20am to be exact. I did my usual routine, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, and do some chores. I did some of my chores well and without my mother telling me to do them so that I could please her and my father. We did our chores as early as we can so that we wouldn't have to worry about things to do when brownout comes. We had our rotating brownout at 1 in the afternoon to 6 in the evening. During the brownout, we just stayed outside, watched some basketball games in our backyard, had some bike-rides, and a lot more. We ate dinner and went to our cousin's birthday party after that. It was just like any other party, with the food, dancing, and singing. And you know what? I was so astonished on how my baby cousin danced to the music! We really enjoyed her dancing! She just so cute! :D

By the way, with all the sadness I felt yesterday, I forgot to tell you that I had finally finished reading the book, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, in just 3 days! I started last Sunday and ended last Tuesday! It was such a great story, about a boy, named Santiago, who followed his dreams, in search for his treasure. He met lots of people, the old Gypsy woman, the old king of Salem, the thief, the Englishman, the Alchemist, and a lot more to mention! He also met a girl he fell in love with, which, her name is Fatima. Well, you better read the book to know about it more!

You know, I enjoy Tumblr very much, looking through some quote graphics, pictures, and a lot more!

Oh, yes I am..haha.. :)) Credits to

This is so cute! From

This too! :D

Check this out! ,

See? There are a lot of cool stuffs to learn in Tumblr! You should make an account if you want! :D

I once decided to make a new layout for my blog, but then I changed my mind, since I'm still not fed up with my recent layout..hehe.. ;)) But I wish, though, to have some idea on my new layout! Maybe some of you guys are fed up with it, or not?

I'm planning to go shopping again tomorrow with my brother and sister, and I hope my brother won't make me mad again...haha.. :DD I'll think about it later, what I would buy. Wish I could find a computer shop so that I could ask for an installer for Adobe Photoshop!

Yesterday, and this morning and afternoon, I haven't replied, in text message, two of my best pals because I didn't have load. I was so happy that my mother had loaded me again this evening! I tried to make it up to them. :D

Well, that's it for now! Hope I brought back the joy here in my blog! Bye! :)


  1. Hey sis how are you :D tumblr is really addicting haha. How many pages does the book have? I wanna try to read. :D its a romantic story right?:D

  2. Perhaps the greatest book that I read (of course after the Bible) is "The Alchemist". It's good you also read it even as young as you are.

  3. Hi ! It's the first time I come on your blog, it is nice !

    Ah, I'm agree with you, the paper man is so (so so so !) cute (^.^)

    Greetings from France \o/


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