Saturday, April 3, 2010

Baby, Now that I've Found You

Oh, you ask about the blog post title? It's just another song that's in my head recently! It's a song by Allison Krauss. I'm back to making song titles as my blog post title..haha.. xDD hmm..since when have I done this in my blog? It's funny how I can't remember.. :))

Well, today's Black Saturday. What about it? Holy Saturday (Latin: Sabbatum Sanctum) is the day after Good Friday. It is the day before Easter and the last day of Holy Week, in which Christians prepare for Easter. This day commemorates the day that Jesus Christ's body lay in the tomb. (from I haven't eaten pork so far on this day. -_-

On this day, I woke up earlier than usual, since we had an agreement with my sister about the one who woke up later would have a consequence, but we didn't have it anyway. We ate one of my favorite food, and a classic breakfast, eggs, hard-boiled to be specific. We did some chores, as usual, and went bike-riding around our place! It was so fun, with my mother and sister! We had it again in the afternoon.

While surfing the net, like now, I had noticed that Google has been encountering problems, like showing this whenever I search!

When I type in the characters, that still shows up! Is it only me, or have you encountered this too? From now on, I'll use Yahoo instead to search.

My summer, so far, is boring. We just stayed at home, do some chores, use the World Wide Web, went outdoors to play around, and a lot more! The "play around" part isn't boring at all, it's just that we did the same stuff over and over again everyday. I got envious at my friends who went to other places to have their vacation there, like one went to Davao, and the other went to Iloilo and Cebu. Wish I could at least have swimming lessons, something extraordinary like that. I really hope my parents would go on with the plan.

I'm kind'a missing school right now! The teachers, classmates, schoolmates, friends, and the like! I never thought that I would miss my classmates, because actually, I really thought that I would not miss them because I had been part of the "worst class section in the school campus" with them, which I did not like about the school year! Maybe I missed them because we really had a lot of fun during the school year because of them! Despite the boring school year we had (because of the Vice Principal making rules for us since our principal wasn't always around in school), we still somewhat enjoyed it because of them!

By the way, tomorrow, we would go to Limketkai to go shopping! I could finally use my OWN money to buy my wanted clothes, shoes, accessories, books, food, snacks, and the like! I'm just like any other girl of my age who really likes to buy these things, right? haha..xDD

I would like to buy one of these:

Picture from

and any clothing that pleases my eyes! I just hope that I would look good in them..haha.. :))

I'll also buy any interesting pocketbook that I could find in National Bookstore, like any book by Paulo Coelho or Meg Cabot! I would want to increase my reading skills. It's like an adventure reading stories!

..and..yeah, by the way, about the Adobe Photoshop, we would instead ask a computer technician to install it for us, since, you know, me, I get nervous in dealing stuffs like installations and whatnot! I fear of my computer having problems like viruses, pop-ups, and the like! So, better consult a professional than doing things by myself unsurely!

Well, that's it for now! Bye! :) Thanks for reading!

EDIT: It's so bad that even people who know me reject my friend request! It really hurts me so much! Do they snob me or something? Did they forget about me? Or they just don't like me to be their friend on Facebook because they're hiding something from me or whatsoever? But oh well, who cares? I'll stop giving friend requests to them if they'll ignore it for the third time! Even my old classmate three (3) years ago rejected my friend request, and also my friend whom I've met last summer who's now in college rejected it too! OoOh..if it was an accident, why would it happen for the second time? I really hate it!

I'll edit this soon if I still have something to say! Bye! :D


  1. oh wow so ur from CDO? i went there once for a week with my friends.

    Paulo Coelho had great books. I have The Zahir. But I think The Alchemist is way better.

  2. @chingching: yeah! i am from CDO! wow..hope you had a great stay here.. :D

    w0ah..i'll try to read those books of his! :)


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