Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another Shopping Session..haha.. :DD and..some random stuffs to talk about!

Hello there everyone! How are you all? You know what? I'm already enjoying a bit of this summer! One of the things that made me enjoy it is the shopping, window and actual-buying kinds of shopping..ahaha.. xDD

So, last Sunday, we went shopping again, in Robinson's Department Store, and I also took a picture of some things I would want to buy or save them for the next time! Here they are!

Pictures of me: 1st pic - Mmm..xDD, 2nd pic - LOL, 3rd pic - i look fat (O.o)

This dress looks great :D

I want to have one of these T-shirts :)

swimsuits! if ever we're going to push through with swimming :/

I'll save this for next school year ;)I so love this bag! I like the designs! :)

Well, enough of that! :) I'm going to talk about random stuffs right now! :D

Okay! You know what? Worrying about my height has struck me already. I seem to not grow taller anymore. I'm just 5 feet, unchanged since last year. I took a multivitamin, Cherifer PGM, had some exercises like badminton and basketball just this recently, go to bed a little earlier now, drink milk, and a lot more! I'm also planning to not make my bag really heavy anymore this coming school year, by applying for a locker along with my bestie! Oh, men, I'm already very excited for being a Junior HS already! haha..xDD so where was I? Oh yeah, about my height. Two of my friends also made statuses about worrying about their height too. Yep, trying to be taller is one of the things we should do this summer!

And oh, you know what, again? haha..I had realized that this rotating brownout had helped me keep away from sitting in front of the computer! God really does some great things! :D I hope I could grow taller, being small is just so miserable! My father kept on telling me to not give too much time in front of the computer and get some good exercise!

I'll do some worthwhile stuff from now on!

I'm going to share to you this pic! Cardbo's so cute! haha.. :))

Well, that's it for now! Bye! :)


  1. I miss the mall like asdfghjkl; right now. But, yeah, nothing beats windows shopping.

    And, height, why not try to eat more if you don't get fat when you eat a lot? That happens to me, eh. I eat a lot and instead of getting fat, I grow tall. So, yeah.

    Dropped by. HAHA.

  2. lalo kang gumaganda,hehe..magaling kang pumili ng bagay talaga sa iyo na damit..

  3. thanks so much for your comments! :D


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