Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another great Day of Summer 2010 :D

Hello everyone! How are you doing? Yep, it's another day of summer! Imma tell you about this day, and some of my thoughts that came around now!

I woke up this morning earlier than usual, but during that time, I got up long after I woke up since my eyes seem to be hard to open because of the "morning glory". Well, after that we did our usual routine, did some workout, and used the net for an hour, an hour just before the scheduled rotating brownout.

We played badminton and basketball all afternoon, and yeah, it was so tiring! I think I'm almost starting to build up muscles already! We planned to go to Jollibee to buy food but it was postponed tomorrow since we still have some things to buy and it's already a waste of money if we still buy something today with all the shopping we had.

By the way, I changed my mind already. I won't change my current layout anymore, since I'm still not fed up with it anyway. I had just changed the body background settings, as you have noticed, the background doesn't scroll anymore along with the other content. Maybe I should just change the header, don't you think? or I should leave it as it is?

Is it better to change my layout or leave it as it is for a while? I need your respective opinions! :)

You know what, while typing this post, I seem to not concentrate, maybe because of all the tabs that are open here and I kept on randomly checking them! A while ago, I have Formspring tabs, Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube, and many more! In Facebook, I made some utterly random statuses, like what I'm thinking, some songs I'm singing in my head, and I even greeted some birthday celebrants in advance, like my sister, teacher, and so-called bestfriend, which, their birthdays are still in May, and one fact about me why I did that is because I keep on forgetting things, important and unimportant stuff. That's where the opening of many tabs started, since actually, I planned to update some of my sites.

By the way, I love the srapbooking stuff I had downloaded in, which I had used them to make my supposed blog header.

And oh, I kept on forgetting to search about 3rd Year lessons, especially the Noli Me Tangere! I'll try to not forget about it ever again tomorrow once I use the Internet!

Well, that's it for now! Bye! :D

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