These had been some of my best days of my life! :) (Photo-spammed)

Good evening everyone! Just as promised, I will make today's post a photo-spammed one!

This is my new phone! The Samsung M3150! The reward from my parents for my hard work and a job well done for the school year! :)

--From my previous post:
The best days actually started last Sunday when we went to Limketkai to buy my most awaited cellphone! It's the Samsung M3150! I was very happy because it felt so good to have a reward for your hard work! You know how hard it was to reach the top of the honors' list; joining lots and lots of extracurriculars as I can join, making my written activity long and detailed so that it would receive as much points, submitting requirements as prompt as I can, studying well that you have to sacrifice your time of leisure, and many others! I can't believe I already have this most wished cellphone, a cellphone with camera and mp3 player! Thank you so much God! I love You! I'm so thankful to my parents, since they really agreed to buy me this cellphone! I remember when my parents kept on reminding me that I won't get that cellphone if I won't top our honors' list. So, I really tried my very best, prayed to God well and wholeheartedly, and kept my hopes up!

I really like this phone! I had already downloaded music in it and taken pictures! I was so excited to do these things with the phone! This would be my first time to use such a high-tech and complicated phone! It has a lot of neat features! Plus, it's a music-oriented phone! It's the right phone for music lovers like me!

If you want to know more about my new cellphone, visit here: link
I also texted my Godparents about my achievements and they also said that they would give me a gift! My ninong already gave me money as my gift, and my ninang would let me drop by her clinic to give me something! Isn't this great? It motivated me more to work as hard as I can next school year so that I could still top our class and experience this much glory!
Monday, March 22, 2010, was our 39th Recognition Day! I received my 2 gold medals and 3 certificates! I was so happy to receive these! Me, my sister, brother, and might as well my father, were all awardees! This is so cool! Wow, a family full of awardees! My father received a plaque of appreciation for being our school's PTCA President! My brother was a Loyaltee Awardee, he's been studying at our school since his First Grade, and he's a graduating student that's why he had been given that award, and my sister was 3rd Honors of her class!

Here are our pictures:

That's me smiling at the camera! :D

Marching :D hmm..stolen? hihi.. :)

Me, my brothers, and sister with Papa :) wearing our medals ^^

Me, my brothers, and sister with Mama :) still wearing our medals ^^

My medals and certificates! :D
- Highest First Honors medal and certificate
- Sophomore Student of the Year medal and certificate
- 100% Scholarship Certificate

After the program, well, actually, after we received the awards, we went to Limketkai again to buy food from fastfood restaurants for take-out! We bought a lot of food, and they surely made my stomach full!

Here are our class pictures, which I had just gotten yesterday morning from our teacher advisor! :)

Formal Pic :)

Informal Pic! Hmm..we really look crowded here! :D

If my pictures are too small to see, don't forget to click it to enlarge! :)

Today, I was working on my opening remarks for our Book Lovers' Club Tribute Party, and I'm already done with it! Here it is!

Our Book Lovers’ Club Moderator, (teacher's name here), our Student Assistants, Book Lovers’ Club members, friends, schoolmates, good afternoon! Welcome to our Book Lovers’ Club Tribute Party. We are all gathered here to celebrate this event, to give tribute to our fellow members of course, and many more things that we are here for. Continue reading books, more power to our club, God bless us always, and take care! Thank you.

Is it OK? Please give feedbacks! This would already be for tomorrow afternoon! I am also assigned for picture documentation.

I'm so excited to spend the money my ninong gave me as a gift! I'll spend it on ballet flats, shirts/blouse, clothes, and a lot more! Yay! I love it that some of my material wishes would already come true!

I'm also excited to drop by my ninang's clinic so that I could get her gift too! Another Yay! I'm lovin' it! What could it be? hihi..^^

EDIT: I'm also going to update my music playlist now! And maybe I'll also make some more updates other than that! :D

Well, that's it for now! Hope you enjoyed reading my post! Bye! :)


  1. WOW. you're doing very well academically.

  2. @chingching and ava estrella: thank you very much! :D

    @arvin: you're welcome, and thanks! :)


    i missed doing things like this.
    i used to be a first honor during grade school days... i dont know what happen to me now. hahaha.

    i see you brother and sister are honors too! congrats to all of you! ^_^

  4. wow sis you're doing good! keep it up. Aim high !Congratulations ha!
    Dont you know I only became first honor once haha. Once in a lifetime and I know how it feels but now im in lower rank awwwww. Back in grade 4 pa ako nun haha


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