Going on a Hiatus...

I'm so busy already! I have to study for the exams! Oh, by the way, tomorrow is our National Achievement Test! Please wish me luck, and our school, that we could reach at least the top 10 in our region!

We still have the usual brownouts. I'm not going to be on the net in the evening.

I really do have a lot to share on Friday! I have been through a lot this week!

I updated my other blog: vanesanice.blogspot.com
Hope you could drop by there! That blog had not been updated for 2 months! I had just updated it now! :)

Well, that's it for now! Bye! :D


  1. i'll be waiting for your kwentos!! haha. goodluck dear. :D

  2. Will hear from you this Summer then? (:

  3. @ava: thanks! :)

    @rich: yeah! :D sure! :)

  4. ang tataas ng grades mo..napakatalino mo naman..


What can you say? :)