God really does answer our prayers! :)

Good evening everyone! How are you all? I'm fine as always! You know why I made that the title of my post? It's because on this day, the things that happened were actually things that I prayed for to God! They really came true!

It started when our Assistant Principal announced the honor students and pupils in the afternoon after the Special Awards Program. She announced that in our year level, I'm the Highest First Honor, and there are actually 3 of us who are 1st Honors! only one is a 2nd honor, and there are 6 3rd Honors. Congrats to all of us! I'm so, so happy! Now I could have a cellphone as a gift! I'm so excited! I had a bit of tears of joy when I had known our results! I'm really, really happy! Thank you God for answering my prayers! This is such a big deal for me!

I should really maintain being highest first honors, so that I could have a big chance of becoming a Valedictiorian in 4th year! I wish I could join a lot of extracurriculars so that I could move my rank higher and higher! I would also want my average to reach 98%, if I can do it! I already reached 97, so why not 98? :) I'll try!

Another, I won in our SBO (Student Body Organization) Elections, with the position of Assistant Secretary! This, again, made me happy! Now, one extracurricular is already sure for the next school year! I'm also ready to accept my responsibility, and to sacrifice for it! I accepted running for this position willingly in the first place! I'm so happy that I had won! I thanked those who voted for me so much! I couldn't get tired of thanking them! Many kept on congratulating me for it, and might as well for the honors!

I like it that my schoolmates really did vote for me, especially the Freshmen, I think. I wish I could still win for the next, next school year, when I'm already going to be a SENIOR!

I prayed to God that these would happen and come! This made me trust in HIM more! If it is meant to happen, it would really happen, right? :)

By the way, I thank you Guest (from the shoutbox) for helping me realize how my bad attitude had gone that far, my being emotional, proud, show-off, and a lot others. I'm so sorry to those people that I had affected! So, thank you so much! I don't know why I got that emotional when you had just corrected me on the decrease on average thing. I'll not misunderstand ourselves from now on, friend. :) Hope we could really be friends, right?

Hurray! It's almost SUMMER! I'll be, somewhat, free! I have some plans for it already! It's actually just to stay at home, occassionally go shopping, and many others. I could also help my parents do some chores. Finally, a time full of relaxation! I would keep on riding bikes, use the Internet, enjoy, and a lot more!

Well, that's it for now! Bye! :) Trust in God! :D

Hope you could read this, Guest! ^^

I wonder why my posts are short now. Oh, well!

OK! Bye! :D Maybe I could edit this post sometime with pictures!


  1. good luck lagi sa iyong pag aaral..good idea..maintain that grades..

  2. wow you're really doing good. that's nice of you :D You know what you make me influence your good attitude like praying to GOD. I thank GOD for having a blogger friend like you. Oh congratulations for winning.Always remember, dont loose the trust of your schoolmates :) Blessings are overflowing to you. That's great :D


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