New Layout!

Hi everyone! Thanks for viewing my blog! I had just renewed my layout today because my first self-made layout became a mess! Now, as you can see, i made my layout neat. Thank you very much for DollieCrave for the background and headers. I really love their backgrounds that's why I used them! And see the result! I like it! Thank you also for LoveMyProfile for the blog views counter. Do you know why i chose "Story of my Life" as the Blog title? It's because what I'm writing in this blog are some of my stories of my life! Simple as that, right? I also got it from one of the songs of Jordan Pruitt, entitled, "Waiting for the Weekend". Thank you very much! I'll be out for a few days after this because it's school days already on Tuesday and i got to prepare for it. Bye!


Hi everyone! This is Vanesa and this is my first time blogging here! Of course, you all understand that i'm new here, so please excuse me for my wrong blogging style. Thank You for reading this blog site of mine and God Bless!