Reminiscing 2009!

Hello everyone! Happy new year to all! I'm so excited this midnight to party at my neighbor's, at the same time, relatives' house! As usual, we would also see and hear the noisy fireworks! In this post, I'm going to talk about all, or if not, most of what I had been through this year 2009! I don't know if it's going to be long or not, I will again blog about whatever pops out my head..hehe.. :))

Okay! So lets start with January 2009! Well, it had a bad start. I got sick for 2 days, and it was already school time, I mean, the first two days of class in January. So, I missed a lot of activities. I wonder why whenever January comes, I always get sick or absent in school because of some reasons. But oh well, I just hope that this 2010, I will stay healthy!
Still in the same month, we had our backyard camping in our school! It was one of my memorable moments of my life since I made new friends, we had some bonding, and a lot more! We practiced and practiced for our presentations so that it would be perfect. We won a lot of awards from the contests we had! I was happy at that moment, I think..hehe.. :D

In February 2009, this is when I was so excited for the school year to end! As what I had remembered, teachers were already busy computing the grades, since March is coming and exams are usually early, for honor students, which includes me..hehe.. :)) Nothing really memorable had happened in this month, only that.. :DD

March 2009! My most awaited moment in school..haha..! We had our early exams, during the 2nd week of the month! I really tried my best to answer them all well so that I could still have a good chance of being a top honor student! As what I had observed, maybe I really did well on the exams, since my grades did go way higher that time! I had a teacher who gave me a below 95 grade from 1st grading to 3rd grading, even though I always perfect each activity he gives..LOL..but in the end, he finally gave me a fairly high grade! I did maintain my top honor rank, with the help of my good academic performance and the extracurricular activities! After the exams, there was nothing to worry about but practices! Attendance is a must at that time, so, with my nature of being obedient to rules, I did attend every practice day they had, especially that I'm really the one who should be followed, by other high school honor students and awardees, during the marching. All we practice really was the MARCHING, and nothing else. They really want to make the program orderly. But I like it though. If I didn't want to join their rehearsals, I would really miss school! It was indeed, another, memorable moment, because it was my first time to top the class in the finals! I garnered two(2) medals and certificates, one for the First Honors, and one for the Freshman Student of the Year! I was a full scholar for the 2nd Year! I was very, very happy! I wish I could do better than that for the following school years of my life!

Summer '09! We had our first family beach outing! I was again happy! I really enjoyed swimming, since it had been long that I hadn't done it. I had been swimming, learning it, since I was 5 or 6 years old, but later stopped. We really had a great time!

Still during summer, I enjoyed it because we did some worthwhile activities, like playing badminton, watching TV, and other stuffs. When summer had almost ended, we bought books for the next school year, and I was excited to study them all! I was eager to start the sophomore year!

Early June 2009, this is when I had started blogging at Blogger. My schoolmate, ate Pearl, had inspired me to make one...hehe.. :D I liked my experience in blogging because I had made new cyber friends and all! :)

June 2009, this was the first month of school! The first day of school was great! I had met a lot of new faces, especially in the first year class, because they are indeed very many! 3 sections made up first year. That's how much our high school population had increased! Usually, we only had 2 sections per year. But because of the big increase of the high school population, first year was divided into 3 sections! It will take me a long time to familiarize their names..haha.. ! It started well! We had a new principal, so we also had to adjust with her.

July 2009! It is the Nutrition Month! We had a lot of activities in school, relating to the celebration. We were encouraged to eat nutritious foods. This is also the start of the preparation for the Investigatory Project, that we would present in September. It was kind'a busy for us and the teachers.

August 2009! The Buwan ng Wika! W0ah, great! We were encouraged to really speak in Tagalog during Filipino subject period. Just like July, we also had a lot of activities. This month, I was one of the participants of our school's Poster Making contest. But unfortunately, we lost. Well, it's ok, I got over it already! I was not feeling good about it because my other participants in the contest didn't really cooperate. This month also had a lot of holidays, meaning, no classes! It was also because of the AH1N1 flu, that some of the schoolmates and teachers had symptoms already. AH1N1 Influenza virus had been an outbreak in the Philippines and other parts of the world since late May 2009.

September 2009! The month of my birthday! I turned 14! But before that, a lot of good luck had came to me! We were one of the finalists in school for our Investigatory Project, I topped the class honor roll for the first grading, and I had won some other school contests! On the 12th of September, that was my day! Since it was a Saturday, my classmates just greeted me a happy birthday on the Friday. I'm glad they all remembered my birthday! I was so happy! :) We also had a field trip, going to Crocodile Farm, Nature's Spring, and McArthur Park! It was my first time to see in person a crocodile and an ostrich!

October 2009! The Foundation month of our school! But unfortunately, we didn't have the Intramurals. It wasn't as happy and joyful as the other foundation days we had the last few years, since our school's founder just passed away 2 months before this month. Our theme was the native preferences our founder had. We presented dances and songs.

November 2009! The first day was All Souls'/Saints' day. As usual, we had our usual gathering, to pray for our passed away loved ones.

Yeah! The last month of the year, December! Everyone's excited for Christmas and the new year! We had outreach programs in school, and we also had the Christmas party! They are indeed memorable! I was very happy when these events took place!

I thank God so much for this great year! I'm glad I survived it! I learned a lot of lessons from my challenges, my ups and downs, and a lot more!

I enjoyed this year so much! With my family, and other people who are there for me! My friends and classmates, who kept me not bored in class because of their noisiness, and kept me also happy! Same also for the teachers! That's what I like about school, when you have inspiration, we can do well in what we are doing, hardwork pays off, and friends are always there to cheer us up!

I thank my parents for teaching me to be disciplined! Without them, I wouldn't be what I am right now! :)

I will survive the next year! 2010, here we come! I wish all the good in the world! :D

Happy New Year to all of you! :)

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