New Layout! and other topics... :))

Hello everyone! I just wanted you to know that I am now so happy to have another layout made by myself, well, using Blogger's Dots template as base code..hehe.. :)) Thank you so much to EGO - for the background image and for the header backgrounds! As, maybe, what you have observed, my layout is, I think, having similarities as ate Pearl's. I kind'a got a little idea from her layout, so, thanks very much! :D

Do you like my layout? Here's the screenshot I've made:

Click to enlarge! :)

I canceled my plan of changing my layout to classic, because the work I have done for how many months would, I think, go to waste. And besides, I can do a lot with this XML-version layout if I only know how the codes work! The only thing I'm not contented of is that in the navigations, the only way to go back to the blog posts is to reload the site again. This flaw is one thing that pushes me to revert this template to classic.

Well, this would be just it! Thanks for reading! Good night! Sweet dreams! :D


  1. I love it sis! I like it cause it's not too girly pero pa-girl pa din... I like green kasi on web layouts. ;)

    Aww... inggit ako sa family reunion... haha! I hope you'll enjoy! :)

  2. nice new layout..keep this forever,hehe..

  3. nice new layout nice! hehehe :D that rhymns and yeah it kind'a looks a little bit like mine but there are differences hehe :D

  4. wow nice layie sis anong gamit mong code here xhtml or css lang. anyway ang galing mo naman.


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