New Layout!

Hi everyone! Thanks for viewing my blog! I had just renewed my layout today because my first self-made layout became a mess! Now, as you can see, i made my layout neat. Thank you very much for DollieCrave for the background and headers. I really love their backgrounds that's why I used them! And see the result! I like it! Thank you also for LoveMyProfile for the blog views counter. Do you know why i chose "Story of my Life" as the Blog title? It's because what I'm writing in this blog are some of my stories of my life! Simple as that, right? I also got it from one of the songs of Jordan Pruitt, entitled, "Waiting for the Weekend". Thank you very much! I'll be out for a few days after this because it's school days already on Tuesday and i got to prepare for it. Bye!


  1. Hey! I had just tried to post a comment to myself here, hehe...

  2. Hi Vanessa! So here I am! I dropped by your blog! So far, your blog is AH-MAZING! but in order for visitors to drop comments and tags just like the one I have in my sidebar, you can try to visit If you need any help when it comes to blog codes and everything, I'll be just a link away. :)



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