My First Semester in Law School

What comes to your mind when you hear "Law School"?

Some would say that it's all about thick and heavy books, expensive fees, sleepless nights, intimidating professors, depressing moments, little to no social life, and everything else that you might think of. In short, it is hard. Even Law students would agree to that, as well as those who are now lawyers, though Law students are usually the ones who assert it since most lawyers wouldn't scare you like that. In fact, lawyers would even encourage you to go to Law School and be a lawyer like them. But since none of us are lawyers yet, it might be easy to get overwhelmed by all these sentiments.

I have heard a lot of these things even before I entered Law School. Yes, I am now a Law student who just finished the first semester, and here I am, seeing to it whether I should debunk those or not. Haha!

After my PhiLSAT experience post, you might be looking forward to seeing how my first semester in Law School has been.

Running to You

It seems so easy to become infatuated with someone, as well as falling in love. All it takes is a look in his eyes, an appreciation of his appearance and traits, and then now, you're hopelessly captured by his charm. At most times, it's with an unexpected person, which is why love always seems to be a gamble.

But sometimes, it takes more than just that. There are times when initially, you don't even have an interest with that person, but because of some external and collateral factors that lead to a potential romance, well, you could still fall into the trap.

Moving On

Heartbreaks, disappointments, embarrassments, and failures. We move on from different things in life, and these are just some of them. There are some of us who find it easy to move on, especially on trivial matters, but for most of us, it will be hard.

Some of what I will be writing may be based either on mere observations or personal experiences. Since I feel like writing a sentimental post due to this rainy season, I would like to do just that.

Here's to writing a melodramatic post while I take a break from studying and also for me to take the time to reflect on myself.

My Back to School Essentials

Hello, everyone! Yes, it's back to school season. We are all now busy with our preparations such as the enrollment, and most importantly, shopping for school supplies.

In relation to school supplies, I'd love to share my back to school essentials for the school years that have passed and for much more to come (please make it only 4 years. LOL). Yes, I will be a student once again, a Law student to be specific. But that's not our topic for today. Haha! Wish me luck nevertheless. :))

Just so you know, this is NOT a sponsored post. The brands that will be featured in this post are simply the ones that I love and trust through the years, and I am not paid to promote them.

So yes, here it goes!